Please remove snow ball from ARAM.

I don't care if you have a separate game mode for this, but please... don't ruin standard ARAM. This skill is an easy to hit, ridiculously long gap closer which is far more OP than Lee Sin's Q, and it removes a large part (if not most) of the skill and strategy required for tanks, bruisers and assassins to get to the squishy champions at the back. Not to mention the ADCs and mages that use it to jump in and nuke or finish off enemies that they otherwise normally couldn't due to... you know... jumping across the entire screen. (Or they just instantly die.) ARAM is supposed to be "random." It's always skewed towards one team or another. You can't correct that with a summoner spell. The last few games I've played have perhaps been the most boring I've ever played. I won a couple, lost a couple. But was thoroughly bored the entire game. I didn't see any good plays or strategy going on. It was just people flying across the screen with snow balls. I really hope a lot of people feel the same and this change gets removed from standard ARAM -- throw it in a separate ARAM mode if a lot of people like it. Some can queue for normal ARAM and others for "snow ball" ARAM. Simple.
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