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Hi, I think this might be a bit off-topic but I'm currently starting a new series called Se7en. But be warned, this is Shounen Ai / Yaoi (Softcore Boy x Boy Love). You don't have to read it but it'd be nice if you'd check them all out just so I could get a few views. I don't like drawing since I think I'm horrible but I do post drawings every so often. I do a lot of narrative writing and poems... yeah that's all. The story isn't completed and this is all the chapters I have so far, I update from multiple times a day to once every 1 - 2 days. LINKS : http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/ http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Temperance-530957976 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Wrath-531137229 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Lust-531298959 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Kindness-531350149 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Chastity-531319118 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Vanity-531499510 http://sylpharie.deviantart.com/journal/Se7en-PROLOGUE-Greed-531895676
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