Funny (raging) Post game chat

Well, I just played a game and my team basically obliterated the other team. One of our carries was a Riven. The enemy team Nautilus was crying about how he would die in 3 hits even though "Riven doesn't even have lethality". I pointed out that she has Black Cleaver... I also ask him "do you know what Lethality and Armor Penetration has in common?" This is our Post game chat. i found it hirallious so I'm posting it. > GunflameSmurf: Silly nautilus... lethality is armor pen > GunflameSmurf: you are just silly > ***Raging Nautilus***: ? > ***Raging Nautilus***: black cleaver > Australian dog: gg boyz > GunflameSmurf: lethality does the same thing as armor pennetration > ***Raging Nautilus***: doesn't give you lethality > ***Raging Nautilus***: you dumb fuck > GunflameSmurf: look it up > ***Raging Nautilus***: you're fucking autistic > ***Raging Nautilus***: it gives you armor shred > ***Raging Nautilus***: not lethality > GunflameSmurf: lethality is armor penetration > ***Raging Nautilus***: read the fucking item description > ***Raging Nautilus***: you fucking autistic %%%% > GunflameSmurf: lol it is the same thing for almost all purposes

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