I have started a girls only league of legends group on facebook

League of legends girls on OCE
A little group for girls to meet other girls who play league of legends on the OCE server. Feel free to post in here, and if you know any girls who would like to make more female friends on League of Legends please feel free to add them to this group.
This is for girls to meet other girls who play the game, please feel free to join me on the quest to find more girl friends who play this game <3 I won't be approving any guys requests to join the group this is just because girls are a minority here and sometimes it's nice to have other female friends who enjoy the same games you do. If you join and you already have some friends on facebook who are girls who play league feel free to add them too, the more the merrier. From the guys, please no hate, I'm in no way being sexist, plenty of my friends are guys, but this is just so that girls can make other girl friends who play league on OCE.
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