Ranked season

Okay, so normally i dont post on the league boards because i dont generally have anything to say but this kinda made me want to post because i dont think im the only one. When riot posted the page that said the ranked season would end on the 11th of November i assumed as most of the people on my friends list, that the season would end at midnight as per usual from the last few years, but for some reason this year was different and they ended it at 4am. I have a question for the people that work in this particular section of riot who determine when the season starts and end; Why did the season end at 4am in OCE but every other server was given until midnight? because i assume the people that didnt look at the page and looked at the social media posts, were going to use the 11th to get last minute grinding in, and like myself were disappointed when they got to their next tier goal, but didnt get the reward because riot decided to end the season early in OCE instead of giving the players on this server the same amount of time as others to get last minute grinding in.
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