Level up capsules

Riot please can we get better things in our level up capsules? legit i don't like the fact i have to level to get BE, which get harder and harder every level, but we don't get straight BE, we get these stupid freakin' capsules. Legit twice I have gotten, out of five capsules, 450 champion fragments. These capsules give you next to no blue essence, and even if you do get a 6300 champion frag you only get 900-ish BE per level. I'm pretty sure that in the time of getting a level i could get more than what most capsules give you. I'm considering at this point to just buy a crapload of rp to get a bunch of 6300 champs so I can actually get champions. My champ pool is around 30, with only including about 4-5 6300 champions. For players who only play on weekends, like me, it could take weeks and weeks to get one 6300 champion. What I'm proposing is a designated champion for every single level, like Annie and Nunu and Amumu and all that for level 1-20 then getting from level 20 getting champions from the 3150-6300 pool. Oh and i know this is long and i commend you for reading this wall of text but can we get more for disenchanting them? like maybe 1500-2000 for 6300? Riot Pls.
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