How riot games abuse its heavy users

Yesterday I spend approx 4000 for hextech crafting and ended getting a couple of wards, skins and an artist poro icon that not many ppl in dis server own. However, this experience makes me ponder why hextech still throws out a bunch of champion fragements for people who already own all champs in its game. There goes my idea - hextech is bs in a sense that rito tries to steal more money out of its heavy users who are likely to spend more money for league of addicts. I got some nice sets of skins from hextech such as project soraka and challenger nid for free, but there is no need for spending rp in hextech if you are heavy users. This is because it is unlikely to benefit you as you are more likely to get things you already own in comparison to light users ; i got weather girl janna fragment which I alrwady own. Therefore, do not spend rp for hextech if u r heavy users as there are better ways to spend rp in dis game as riot does decent bundle sales and star guardians coming soon to league. Anyway, it is very disappointing that rito deems its royal customets to be meer dollar in the air and fuk u rito and ur marketing department...!
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