Support, Support, Support :D

Greetings all, and hello from a friendly friend. I'm Jester and I would really love to see more Support champions. Tank supports are nice and all but if some additional "healing" champs would be awesome! Don't get me wrong riot i love Soraka, Nami, Nidalee(if you play her as a supp), Sona, and all those other supports that have a heal ability, but it would be nice to see a healer with a D.O.T Effect healing, or even a chain/link heal. I think this would add some seriously fun action down in bot lane :D. For the Chain/link hero you could either cast in on an ally to heal them over time and link yourself to them healing them as long as you're linked but also it drains your mana/energy (which ever riot decided to use), or attach it to an enemy to slow them and do damage over time to them. it would be an amazing starter to a fun kit for us who love supports, and play them in many different roles and lanes. Her/His second ability could be a buffer for the chain/link heal giving movement speed to ally, shielding, a dmg or attack speed increase, while its attached to an enemy it could have increased slow, increase the dmg they take or maybe drain their life and give it to the champion. E(third ability) could be some sort of buff that grants unstopable(would have to have a larger CD of course), or shielding. Ult could be something really cool where you cast it as an AOE around you and attach your chains/links to all targets then using your basic abilities you can do your buffs and dmg effects to all targets. I think this would be a really fun hero, and with the right tweaking and tinkering it would make an excellent addition to the supports role in League of Legends!
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