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> ##**_~~Upcoming Updates:~~_** [](https://.) > ####**_~~5.3.1~~_** > TBA _______________ > ##**_~~Regions:~~_** ||| |---:|---| | **Latest:** | **_*~~v5.3.0 LTS~~*_** | | **In Development:** | **_*~~v5.3.1~~*_** | | **In Development:** | _***~~Red Tracker v2.0~~***_ | _____________ | —Boards Region— | —Version(s)— | | ---- | ---- | | **North America** | **_*~~v5.3.0 LTS~~*_** | | **Oceania** | **_*~~v5.3.0 LTS~~*_** | | **Europe** | _**~~v5.2.3~~**_ _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ _***~~v4.0.4~~***_ | | » *EU English (EN)* | _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ | | » *EU Polish (PL)* | _*~~Planned~~*_ | | » *EU Spanish (ES)* | _***~~v4.0.4~~***_ | | » *EU Hungarian (HU)* | _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ | | » *EU Romanian (RO)* | _*~~Planned~~*_ | | » *EU French (FR)* | _**~~v5.2.3~~**_ | | » *EU Italian (IT)* | _**~~v5.2.3~~**_ | | » *EU German (DE)* | _*~~Planned~~*_ | | » *EU Greek (EL)* | _*~~Planned~~*_ | | » *EU Czech (CS)* | _*~~Planned~~*_ | | **Latin America** | _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ | | » *LATAM North (LAN)* | _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ | | » *LATAM South (LAS)* | _**~~v5.2.1~~**_ | | **Russia** | _***~~v5.0.3~~***_ | | **Turkey** | _**~~v5.2.2~~**_ | | **Japan** | _***~~Not Planned~~***_ | | **PBE** | _***~~Not Planned~~***_ | __________________ > ##**_~~Change Log:~~_** [](https://.) > ####**_~~5.3.0~~_** > **_*~~New~~*_** Spoiler Tags! **_*~~New~~*_** In-text highlighting **_*~~New~~*_** New Text Header Styles/Colors _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Addresses an issue where volunteer flares may not appear on some individuals' browsers _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Addresses an issue where flares may not appear next to volunteer threads _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Addresses a low-level issue where there may be an attempt to read a length property from a null element _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Addresses an issue with auto-syncing on the NA Boards _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Addresses an issue where voting breakdown may briefly show when a page loads > ####**_~~5.2.3~~_** **_*~~New~~*_** Sub-board specific group flares now available! _*~~Update~~*_ Updated API endpoints for scalability _*~~Update~~*_ Minor visual changes, such as "Commenting is Disabled" message size being capped, and "In response to" boxes now no longer appearing on deleted comments _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Resolves an issue where Boards users may not have been able to reply to certain pinned comments _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Resolves an issue where volunteer flares will not appear properly for threads with pinned comments if the page changes too quickly > _________ > ####**_~~5.2.2~~_** _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Priority bugfix caused by an issue with Gameplay+ implementation > _________ > ####**_~~5.2.1~~_** _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Priority bugfixes for issues affecting the EU platform > _________ > ####**_~~5.2.0~~_** **_*~~New~~*_** Underlying code in preparation for Gameplay 2.0 > _________ > ####**_~~5.1.1/5.1.2~~_** **_*~~New~~*_** You can now hover over voting within threads to view voting breakdown (has iffy interactions with FEK atm) _*~~Update~~*_ Sticky header, will stay on the top of the page so you can always be reminded that the Akali rework is right around the corner _*~~Update~~*_ More voting clarity- upvotes show as green arrows, downvotes as orange _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Resolves localization issues for certain features > _________ > ####**_~~5.0.3~~_** _*~~Update~~*_ Toning down the yellow borders into something more bronze-ish to make the page feel less bright where it doesn't need to be _*~~Update~~*_ OP background color will be shifted to a gray color, rather than the original teal-ish color _*~~Update~~*_ "Create a Discussion" box will have fewer layers of borders _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Fixes a bug where announcement threads break the flow of the script _**~~Bug Fix~~**_ Fixing an issue where flares and comment parents do not appear properly while reading a thread > _________ > ####**_~~5.0.0~~_** **_*~~New~~*_** Automatic Boards profile syncing: Boards accounts will regularly be synced, even through passive browsing of the Boards _*~~Update~~*_ Carries over most of the features from v4 of the updates, but with significant performance improvements _*~~Update~~*_ Styling updates: Shifting away from the blue on blue design from v4, we’ve emphasized borders, which also helps to be more colorblind friendly

We're testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order. Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we'd like see how you guys make use of it.

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