Back below 50% now, 4 retarded teams in a row with feeders.

No seriously riot, your matchmaking system fucking sucks. Literally the only reason im fucking playing the game is because path of exiles new league doesnt drop till december 2nd. ive been playing for 8 fucking years, the last 2-3 years, youve gone downhill. Your game may not be dead, but ive seen this shit before, and just like every other behemoth game before it youve hit that tipping point, where you are trying to hard to bring newer players in and not hard enough to retain consistent players. Your games gonna fall off the radar soon, and im gonna fucking sit here laughing at you as your entire fucking studio tears its hair out trying to figure out why. because youve fucking earned it, you cant fucking balance a simple numbers system with only one variable, that has proven methods that work. You fuck up my main. You fuck up my queues. You fuck up the new client, what happened to the original alpha client i tested, that shit was good, you swapped it out for this web based shit that uses 5 times as much cpu power has all the same bugs from the original client and a bunch of new ones? Theres almost nothing left to fuck up.
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