Adding borders to release skins.... thats low...

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He made their shackles into his weapons. Their ultimates are next. Start the revolution-Sylas is available now.
I'd say this is a new low, and half a year ago it'd be true, but not anymore, now it's just the normal standard of low it seems. What's your rationale behind this? No one has had a chance to play him for any length of time. No one is invested. Tons of people will miss out because of this, who later down the track realise they love this champ, but oops, you didn't know that on day 1 of release, so of course you didn't throw $40 at a champ that literally just came out. It's bad enough when a champ goes so long with only 1 skin, but now it'll go so long with a skin that isn't even complete _(because many future players will have missed out on the border)_. Thats going to be so stink for so many people. You're supposed to be looking after your player base, not making them feel bad. Winter Wonder Neeko was bad enough, but at least you didn't have to throw $40 at it for a champ that just came out. You could earn it, and without too much trouble. _(not that thats much better through, it still sucks for future players of course)_. Can we please not be doing this?

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