Can we get an increase in ward placement range?

Like we all know not to face-check the bush. haha its a meme cos its a dumb thing to do. Whats the safe thing to do you ask? Place a ward. The problem is, with the current meta being what it is, many champs have the ability to engage on and kill _(or very severely maim you) _ even from the max distance it takes to place a ward in the bush. So unless you already know there are no enemies around, you can't really place wards safely. Which kind of defeats one of the main purposes of placing a ward in the first place. The range used to be fine when the meta was different, when you'd ward and see someone you'd think _"oh, theres someone there."_ take a skillshot to the face or something and walk away with 3/4 hp still. But now, you go to place a ward and you just get jumped on and mauled in under a second. What's the difference between face-checking and warding now? More often than not, if there is someone there, you're gunna die either way. Like why not just give them a bigger range, what is the worst thing that could possibly happen? You cant really throw the balance of the game any more out of whack.
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