Toxic Players

I was playing Ashe in a Bronze - Gold Ranked game a while ago when I stumbled upon two very toxic players. Firstly, my support, a Vel'Koz, who I will not be naming and a top lane Vladamir, who I will also not be naming. the game started of well, everyone wishing each other good luck and making jokes about how broken Ekko is. After 1 minute of laning my support walks into the enemy Thresh and Graves spamming his laugh giving the Graves first blood. He then said in chat "stfu ashe i told you to stop laughing". As you know the 1 minute and 30 seconds before the laning phase starts is always a party for you and your Jungler with spamming dance, taunt and laugh. After this little mishap with Vel'Koz I apoligised to him and stopped spamming my laugh. When he got back to lane he would take 3 creeps off every wave, leading to my essential early game items very delayed. We then got into a fight with the enemy botlane and as the Thresh landed a hook on me, he started to recall and as I died he said "sorry I lagged". Coincidence? I think not. After a while the Vladimir who was _losing his lane_ started saying things like "sigh, I get trolls everygame, **** this ashe and vel" and "your an incompetent piece of **** ashe". Vel'Koz and Vladimir both ganged up on me because I wasn't doing very well, which was stupid considering the fact that the Vel'Koz had caused me to become behind. I Vel'Koz but from Vladimir's chat I could see that they were fighting and being quite immature. "u suck vel go get a life kid get a gf". I un-muted Vel'Koz who came up with a retort that I will not say. After the terrible loss the Vel'Koz said "cya nerds xD" and left the chat and the Vladimir reported me which which is just totally obnoxious. I want Riot to create a better banning system rather than anyone being able to make random stuff about other people and then ban them. What do you think?{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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