Remember When?

Remember when they removed Deathfire Touch as an item, because in combination with Lich Bane, one ability and one basic attack, it would 100-0 champs... and that was considered bad for the game? That was back when? End of S2, sometime early S3? I honestly don't remember. Now the whole system seems to be geared towards being able to 100-0 an opponent (in under a second), with little to no chance of escaping it. It's funny how what was deemed as 'unhealthy for the game' that many years ago, is now the standard. It just shows how retarded (as opposed to advanced, nothing to do with mental health), the game currently is. Remember how they removed Force of Nature item, because the regen was deemed OP, and years later they make Warmogs do the same thing 10x better? Share your own 'remember when' ironies.
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