So apparently you get emotes now from hextech chests

I clearly missed the update from riot concerning the fact that they have added emotes now to hextech crafting. So there I was, just got an S on Warwick, ready to open my chest, hoping for that 3rd skin shard so I could reroll it and the other two I have into something permanent and instead what is forced upon me is the most inherently bm system that I have no intention of ever using let along paying riot to take part of. I honestly have never paid for a ward skin either but I don't have a problem receiving a ward skin from a chest because I can break it down into orange essence. But to receive only an emote for what is currently one of the most toxic elements of the game (emote spamming) and have it automatically added to my inventory, without the option to at least convert it into essence, is in my opinion bullshit. It is an element of the game I do not want to use or exploit. I hope these emotes get reverted back out of hextech crafting asap because the system for gaining these potentially free skins has already taken enough of a nerf with the reduction in how much orange essence you receive from breaking down a skin shard and now the reduction in the likelihood of even receiving a skin shard now in the first place.
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