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Out of curiosity, what happened to all champions being unlocked in ARAM? I couldn't see any fault at all in all champions being available in an "All _Random_, All Mid" game mode. It got rid of ARAM smurfs, and gave us more variety in every day ARAM games. Not to mention that the current system disadvantages players who have spent time and money unlocking all the champions. But I haven't heard a peep about it in so long. _(and for a change that would be so easy to implement, that usually means it's dead.) _ Its unfortunate, but id kinda like to know what it was that stopped it, if anyone has some information on it, I would love to hear it. _________ I was looking at the stats a while ago _(unfortunately i cant find them now, because lolking has changed, and now i cant find anything..)_ But it is quite significant how many more times people get champions like Blitz and Teemo, than they do champions like Kindred and Nunu. And thats because everyone owns Blitz/Teemo etc, but not as many people own Kindred/Taliyah etc etc. People who have very few champions _(either out of choice, or because they are new)_ continuously get the same champions over and over again (and are usually champions that they play normally too). While people who have most or all of the champions, almost never get a champion that they are familiar with. In addition apart from giving an advantage to some people and not others, it just stagnates the game, blitz is seen again and again, and no one wants that _(if we want to see tons of Blitz we can just play normals.)_ ______ In theory, in a mode that is Random, all champions should have a roughly equal pick rate. It seems to be a logical move. But that isn't what is in the game, which means there must be some major reason that I'm not aware of! Just wondering what it is. if anyone knows, I would much appreciate the knowledge ^^ thanks
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