Thank you riot.

So scrolling through the boards recently, I’ve been seeing almost ALL negativity with only a rare sparkle of a nice comment. I just want to say to people like fitzy and jasonwazza who have been pretty salty as of late, if this game pisses you off so much, why don’t you just quit? There’s nothing stopping you from pressing that uninstall button and just leaving. But you don’t. That’s because league is the best designed game I have ever seen, and we all just take it for granted. Now to all you people bitching about riot games themselves. They are an AMAZING company that actually CARES about their playerbase, and listens to us about our concerns. But note that they are a COMPANY, and COMPANIES need to make money, its their job. So don’t go around saying that riot is shit coz they want to make money, because they are people and they need money too, and I’m sure if you were in that sort of position you would try to make good money as well. Sure, riot makes mistakes sometimes, we all do, but in general they do great things and this game is an amazing thing. rant over *prepares to be attached in the comments*
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