Is LoL the Most Toxic Game Around?

I don't play many games these days (guess I'm getting old), but in all my years of gaming, I have never found another game to rival LoL in how much players abuse each other. There is no option to just disable chat, you have to wait for the abuse and then manually mute each player for chat/pings/etc separately. I guess you can just start the game by muting everything one by one, but that's my point. You can do that, but not auto-disable chat in client options menu. Because disabling chat would harm teamwork right? That's been Riot's reasoning for years. I see more abuse in chat, than teamwork related comments. I'm sure many of you see the same. I have not played a single game in weeks, that hasn't included some form of abuse from one player to another. Even comments (from me) like "they are 5 AD champs, buy some armour" gets a response of "fuck you, you tryhard fuck" or some such (from my own team). What I'd really like, is an option that auto-mutes everyone, but I can manually un-mute them (for when I queue with friends). I'm playing less and less LoL these days (sometimes I only play a couple of times a week, rather than everyday, because it's just not an enjoyable experience a lot of the time. It's not just people abusing me, I mute and blocklist a lot. But others on my team (that I have muted) abusing someone else on my team (that doesn't use mute) and tilting them out. It ruins the game for everyone. And all these bans, what % is from toxic chat? Most of it for sure. Chat should be deleted altogether, and you can only chat/mic with people you queued with. Or, you have to (click) accept messages from others. The health of the game would improve significantly. I'm not quitting until I hit my 4k ARAM wins, after that... who knows?
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