A Rant About a Bad Clash Game

Alright, I've just played Clash with a couple of my friends, and while at first, we said we didn't care about winning and only having fun, but after losing two games, we were all a little annoyed and I guess I'm here to rant about my experience, and how I should deal with this. So, the first game, we got completely roflstomped. There's no other way to put it- the other team had a primarily early-game team comp against our late-game comp, and we got destroyed. There was absolutely nothing we could do about a 5/0 Pantheon ganking me and my Varus. We just took our defeat and discussed about strategy, and we decided on changing up the team comp, and settled with Ornn (Garen got banned) top, Diana mid, Ammumu jg, and Lucian + Pyke bot. Because we either mained or were very confident at those champs, (except for ornn, but Garen is on permaban lol), we were very pretty confident in winning- we banned the opponent's best champs, they banned all the champs that we were M7 at, but we weren't playing any of them (except for Garen). So, after the bans were done, I lock in my Diana, and I see our top lock in Ornn because we decided his ult would be very good in a teamfight, plus the top said he was pretty good. Then, I see Ahri get locked in on the other team and I laugh, because lolcounters says Diana counters Ahri. So, it was all fine and dandy, we were very confident in our win, especially after seeing Kai'Sa and Janna bot (which both Diana and Pyke will absolutely delete), and then it came to our support to lock in. We waited. And waited. Then I say 'hey Pyke, you there?' into the mic, and nothing happens. We all sit silently, and our support doesn't lock in. The timer runs out, and the game autolocks Anivia. We all shrugged, and we all discussed how Anivia actually works very well with our current team comp anyways, and the game begins. In loading, we see Anivia has the wrong runes- Press The Attack. The remaining four of us discuss anxiously whether Anivia was AFK, and to nobody's surprise; they were. Now, we were at that point, completely devoid of any hope, but we went into lane. 5 minutes in, I manage to pick up First Blood onto the Ahri, and blew both her summoner spells for mine. Then, Ammumu ganks botlane and Lucian gets a double. All this time though, Ornn has been dying to Urgot and the Urgod 2/1. Manageable, we say in chat. Then, 10 minutes in, Lucian walks into lane with BORK and 2 levels ahead of both bots, and solo double-kills them. We start laughing, and tell each other that we might actually win. At this point, I was 5/1, having ganked Urgot once and picked up several more kills on Ahri. I did a boosted play and die to her in a towerdive though- I pick up ahri but tower finishes me off anyways. So about 20 minutes in, the score is 9:6- Urgot has 5, Ahri has 1. However, the teamfights started happening and we started running into issues. The Ammumu had to babysit Lucian a bit so Kayn started clearing his jg, and we walks into us with tons more farm and level than Ammumu. Ahri started building a ton of MR, with Morellonomicon and Rylai's to boot, so I can't 1-shot her anymore. Kai'sa and Janna are basically still nonfactors, she still gets deleted. We had issues with towers simply because of a 1-man shortage, so we had trouble keeping up with their splitpushes. I couldn't deal with a slightly fed Urgot, and he was pushing the Rift Herald into our base as well. We lose both toplane turrets, before I die along with Urgot. The rest of our team tries to 3v4 their team, but we simply didn't have enough damage, even with fed Lucian, and barely manage to hold them off, only after they lose Kai'Sa and Janna. Kayn ults at Lucian and kills him, and they clean up before I respawn and kill Ahri, and scare away Kayn. Then, we kept defending for a solid 15 minutes. We just didn't have the manpower to do anything- their team wasn't stupid, so they weren't letting us pick them off, and we couldn't win a 4v5, even with a good ult from both Ornn and Amumu, because Urgot and Kayn were both too tanky and Kayn always blew his combo on Lucian, ult, then proceeds to tear him apart. We didn't have a Blitz or Thresh to CC, no Sona, and certainly no Anivia to ult on their team to followup from Ammumu. (well, we did, but she was lv1 and sitting in fountain.) We had a gold lead against the opponent till the very end. In the end, that's how we lost the game. We simply didn't have enough people or damage to be able to deal with their whole team, and even though we were significantly more fed, their people advantage, Elder Drag AND Baron still screwed us up. I keep thinking back to how hard botlane would've been stomped if Pyke (or Anivia) had been there, because Lucian was 1v2'ing anyways. Then, I think off all the glorious stuns and executes Pyke could've done (this guy is M7 pyke and carried a hopeless ranked game I was playing with him). If you've read this far, you must be really bored to listen to a no friends irl, bronze, edgy teen rant about their own bad luck, but thanks for reading this far. I guess the moral of the story is, always be grateful for your support, because every time I think back, I figured Pyke, or even Anivia support could've actually done so much for our team and could've easily won the game. Also, I want to know if anyone else had a bad experience with Clash, especially an AFK teammate, mostly to comfort myself, lol. Lastly, I want some advice as to what to do with my pyke friend- I still think he's a great teammate, and would love still play with him (if im not mistaken, Clash is still a thing even if you lose both games?), but I really hate for him to afk in our game again. Getting into clash was also a bit chaotic, because my friend couldn't find the tab, didn't know how to place a ticket etc, which kinda made me scared something like this will happen. Can somebody tell me how to handle this? I really don't want to upset him, because in the end, I still wanna play with him, but I'm still very frustrated about that afk. Being the edgelord weebtaku thing I am, idk what I'm supposed to do rn. kek. I did consider replacing him with a D3 smurf but I hit myself over that idea because that's both a dick thing to pull on the Pyke and the other team.
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