Can I just say: (Arcade theme)

Highly enjoyable! Well done to everyone involved in making this event! The coins, the sounds, the music, the structures, the candy-coloured minions. etc. It just feels fun and joyful to play, and of course, missions always make for a fun time. Arcade skins have always been a popular theme _(and not surprisingly one of the strongest storylines for a skin line)_. So being able to enhance and live their narrative like this, is a really special thing. I love the colours too, everything just looks so tasty xD I have avoided playing Final Boss Veigar for the last several days to make it feel more special when playing on this map, and playing an Arcade skin just completes the effect! Very fun and enjoyable! Well done Riot, and thank you! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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