Kassadin/Kai'sa lore

**[Void/Kass/Malz/kai'sa/Jax? spoilers ensure]** While this new Void lore chapter is really cool and gives some much insight into the workings of the Void, _(and some very interesting teasers about Jax?)_, one thing does really annoy me. And that is that they just took away Kassadin's lore... and gave it to Kai'sa... then gave Kass some random 2-bit lore instead. It used to be that Kassadin was the one who willingly accepted the void in order to survive, and to use its own power against it. He was the holy crusader who protected Runeterra from Void excursions after having his family taken by it. Now that is exactly what Kai'sa is, and Kassadin's reworked lore is basic as.... _"His daughter was killed, and he is now basically Liam Neeson on a vengeance, and while Liam Neeson is awesome, the fact that his daughter happens to still be alive, and it was kinda-semi her fault anyway, sort of undermines his whole purpose for existing..."_ Also the relationship between Kassadin and Malzahar is completely non-existent now. Which is the worst part.... Kassadin blames Malz for his daughter's 'death', when in reality Malz wasn't even directly involved. And malz has no apparent reason to believe that Kass even exists. They used to basically live for each other, like Batman and the Joker. Its sad :/ Surely you could have invented a new lore for Kai'sa, and not stolen Kassadin's _(what happened to her being kidnapped by Malz and imprisoned in the Void? Thats the whole reason we even have her in the first place, because that was the story.)_ ____________ On a positive note, 'Where Icathia once stood' is a very good read, for anyone interested. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_AU/story/where-icathia-once-stood/
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