Good one Riot! Lets get rid of probably the most balanced position atm.

/dev diary: Gameplay in 2018 - Nexus
An inside look at the whats, whys, and hows of making League of Legends.
_"Working on an item which will make teams not needs ADC's"_ Somehow I don't think this will be as big of an achievement as you think... It's not like they are already basically redundant anyway aye? Why bother having ADC's in this meta, when Jax or Udyr builds almost full tank and does wayyyyy more sustained damage than your piddly little ADC. But with the added bonus of being nigh on un-killable as well as un-kitable. As opposed to dying in 0.2 seconds flat to accidental AoE when the person next to you gets targeted while you're trying to run away. You hardly need a new item for that xD the OP bruiser ones we have do the job pretty nicely already. Also why are you even trying to get rid of ADC's anyway? They are probably one of the most balanced positions atm.... They are pretty much the only position left that has to actually _**build**_ damage, in order to have it.
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