Nerf Tahm Kench already, jesus christ

Holy crap, when you made the changes to lower his capability as a support, you created one of the most broken things I've seen since a Vandril Video. Tahm in his current state is incredibly overpowered, has little to no counter picks/play. His base stats and level growth are too much (At level 10 or something, building full tank, he had 1 aps, thats nuts for a tank, especially given his health % damage) His entire kit, in broken, and unfun to play against, he needs to be seriously tuned down, honestly, all tanks need across the board nerfs, same with all mage items, but even being fed 11-3 or something (see image) he almost out damaged me, as a tank a fucking tank. Rito, you need to get your head together and make actually nerfs/buffs, stop trying to balance this game more for high level play (Higher elo and pro play) balance the game to be fun, stop thinking it's a good idea to buff a champion like Tahm, I could sit her for an hour, going through each of his stats and telling you how to fix them, hell would you take a resume. For starters, when Tahm fully stacks his Passive, then hits you with a Q to stun, you shouldn't be able to then immediately eat them, for 5 seconds of hard cc, his grey health, makes him unlikable, his entire kit is overtuned, the only thing that is remotely balanced in his kit are 2 things, his Ult, and that he can be banned. To anyone out there, perma ban this champion, this is Riven all over again, bullshit kit, limited counterplay, unfun to play and play against. **EDIT** Link to image didn't work, but he was the 2nd highest damage dealer in the game, behind myself as Ahri, he out damaged their Yasuo, Yi and my Jinx

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