The Issue With 'Monster Hunter' - Machete's latest passive, Patch 8.14

Patch 8.14 notes
Base health decreased. Q base damage decreased. E recharge rate decreased early, increased later. R bonus attack damage increased. Q timer freezes while reviving. Now that Aatrox players have gotten some games under their belt and mastered his pretty unique spells, it turns out he's pretty strong, especially in lane.
Recently Riot has updated Hunters machete with a new passive that reads as follows: "MONSTER HUNTER - If you have the most individual total gold on your team, lane minions kills will grant 10 less gold. This penalty is removed upon completion of an Enchantment on a Skirmisher's Sabre or Stalker's Blade." *Aim of 'Monster Hunter' was to eliminate the gold funneling strategy *Monster Hunter achieved this goal, however *Junglers who play well and build a lead and an advantage are punished by receiving less gold from minions *A crucial component of winning a match is capitalizing on leads and not allowing the enemy to catch up *Riot has catch up mechanisms in place for those who are behind to make the game more balanced and allow for 'come-backs' *Having a system which holds back a player who has built a lead interrupts the flow of the game by turning it into an artificial lead, i.e you're ahead in gold so now you get less gold thus allowing the enemy to catch up (or you are forced to complete a jungle item, something that I never do on most champions) **While I agree that gold funneling needs to be fixed, the current solution is damaging to other aspects of the game, particularly to junglers who are ahead. I hope Riot catches wind of this post and considers finding a new solution**
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