Great New Features For The LoL Client

**The Mastery Banners** I know that it wasn't really a big thing but i'd LOVE to have the mastery banners back. Just having it would make your profile look 'cooler' and would be much easier than having to hover over the champion to see the mastery. It was such an awesome but not really spoken of feature. **Public Chatrooms** It'd be awesome to have the Public chatrooms to let the players meet other players, make new friends and new duo partners. It's an awesome way to get to know each other and should be a feature on the LoL Client **Voice Chat** The best way to communicate with your team mates is to talk to each other especially when making outplays or a strategy to win the game. It's so annoying to have to type up everything and can be a waste of time but with this feature implemented within the client it'd much much easier for team mates to cooperate with each other. **New Loading Screen Design** The new client is here and it looks awesome. So why not change the design of the loading screen with it ?? Just think bout it

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