Anivia Idead/Bugs

Hey Riot just wanted to start off by saying that there is a bug {{champion:34}} AA sounds, after the VFX update Anivia's AA have no sound or the sound is out of sync with her AA, being an Anivia main this extremely annoying, as well as the fact that it hasn't been fixed for over a month. Secondly just wanted to point that Anivia has only 2 skins with any particle changes at all, Blackfrost and Festival Queen.Blackfrost may be a legendary skin, but there isn't many options for skins with Anivia.I am suggesting a potential rework for some of her skins such as Hextech, Prehistoric or Team Spirit.You could attempt something similar to what you guys did to Hextech Galio.for prehistoric or team Spirit even re-colours would just look nice, but please give Anivia a new skin or re-work some of her older ones. Finally, please fix the AA bug. Cheers, Airz {{champion:34}}
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