Black Mailing Me Over Nothing

okay so a few months back i made a deal with one of who i thought was a good friend in a nexus seige game the 2nd night of it being out that if i got a lvl 7 token on jinx i would gift him a udyr skin but only if i got the token ( i found out you cant get tokens on it now btw thanks riot) so i didnt get a token so i said no token shared screens in a skype call and he saw that i didnt have a single lvl 7 token he even said and i quote " well that sucks" but now over the last two weeks people from his club have been adding me and black mailing me [5:36PM] _name removed_: u gonna gift _name removed_ yet he emailed riot and they said u could get temp banned for false gifting or somting [5:44PM] im a teemo : what [5:44PM] _name removed_: u could get banned if u dont gift wolf [5:44PM] im a teemo : he nevr gifted me tho so he has nothing to get me banned for so this kinda stuff and its just the fact that he is low enough to get others to do his dirty work for him which really pisses me off If a rioter could give me some feedback on what to do it would be much thanked Long live the Jinx main {{champion:222}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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