WHEN WILL RIOT LISTEN AND NERF YI!?????? Please help show your support guys

He is the number 1 most hated, raged at champion. I have never been in a game with a yi where people haven't hated and complained about him. It has been 2 years since he has been touched. He is fast, can't be slowed, he can heal himself and he goes untargetable. I mean, come on! 0 aiming. 0 skill. Why does it take 0 skill? Other champs have to aim. Other champs have to kite in and out. Other Champs have to kite. You can't really kite Yi. You can't really skill shot Yi at all. You can occasionally land on target skills but often they leave your champ behind where you thought they were and you have to begin moving again having missed out on fractions of seconds of input commands because of his Alpha. Yi with infinity Edge, Blade and Youmuu's does not take skill. He sits in a brush, wall flashes or Ghosts you in team fights - that's the extent of his skill ceiling, dodging skills is not necessary because everyone's just running because you become untargetable then kill someone in 0.2 seconds, or you occasionally do use your Q to dodge a skill, or intercept incoming nukes with W and that is the extent of the complicity of Yi. Ghost or wall flash right click AFK. Q reset right click run around hitting people.
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