Warrior is more cancer than Vi and Darius combined.

Play WvW on GW2, full accended Mesmer + two legendary weapons. I have about 22k HP, and can do 18k burst damage, thats not including DoT's. Anyway this trash Warrior with trash gear come sup at me and I laugh cause he gonna get rekt. Oh no, that class is such cancer and one of his ability is half my HP, while absorbing my entire burst and then going immune to damage. okay whatever, I can deal, I stealth and heal up and re-engage, surely he cannot take another 18k damage + a knock-up and a stun So I blink right on his dick and instantly shatter my clones, shoulda one hit Ko/d him, nope, he smashes his face against his keyboard and kills me due to stunlock and insane damage as a tank class. He wasn't even geared right either, wtf is this garbage trash, how am I gonna kill noobs if Warrior is cancer and cannot be killed? I assume Mesmer has been nerfed and swap to my Thief, now m tteief can 1v6 and not die, that's how good that class is, same crap happens again, same guy, my thief has full accended and decent weps (not legendaries, but exotics). But no this warrior kills me, probs hacking the garbage player, he ain't on my level fam, would ruin him if he didn't have hacks. And that guy man so bm, he laughs at me after I die, like wtf how bm, i dont level such cancer classes as warrior, but that man shouldn't have killed a shatter damage maxed geared Mesmer and a maxed geared thief, who can crit 16k rapidly, what bs, such cancer.
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