what is wrong with riot constantly updating things to be even worse than they were?

not to mention the whole runes being broken as fuck now and whatever else, gameplay is another story. the new client is GARBAGE. entire sections don't work. you have to relog 4 or 5 times for things to start working. you can't start a new game with your friends from a previous game to play again, they have to quit and get a new invite. you can't bring up half the menu's it just creates little boxes to click out of and freezes. the worst one, the one that annoys me the most, is AMBIENT SOUNDS are now SFX sounds, so if i want to hear when someone messages me or invites me to a game, i have to have the shitty background sound on at all times. if i leave my lol client open and want to hear if a friend gets on and invites me in the background the ambient sound is always playing and its annoying as fuck. which riot employee creating this thought this was a good idea? how mentally deficient do you have to be to think adding sfx and ambient sounds into one slider is an ok thing to do? the whole new client is a garbage endeavour and completely typical of riot, they created it when there was NOTHING wrong with the old one. they seem to go out of their way to remake things as broken as possible to give them things to work on.
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