Hi, I’m littlemisscheeky, social media manager at Riot OCE. Ask me anything!

Irene Lee (@Irene247) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Irene Lee (@Irene247). Social Media Manager @RiotGames Connecting with players all over Oceania. Gamer, learner, music lover & swiftie. IGN: littlemisscheeky (OCE) #OCELoL. Sydney, Australia
Hey Summoners, **I’m Irene (aka littlemisscheeky), and I’m the Social Media Manager at Riot OCE. I'm going to be hanging around for the next few hours answering anything you’d like to know about me and what I do :)** Here’s a bit of background about myself… I’ve been into video games ever since I got my first Atari 5200. My fondest memory comes from playing the original Nintendo Game Boy where I was able to play 2-player Tetris by connecting my Game Boy with a friend’s via a cable. Back in the day that blew my mind! I’m a HUGE Street Fighter fan and my arcade stick collection is a testament to my “small” obsession. Before playing league, you’d normally find me playing a lot of first person shooters. I’ve always wanted to work in the gaming industry but I started my career as a graphic/web designer at an agency. I’ve been at Riot a little bit over 6 months now and this is my first venture into the gaming industry. Before this, I’d been in digital marketing for 9 years. I kept my passion for games alive by organising corporate gaming nights with other agencies and other gamers in the corporate world. My favourite champions are currently Morg, Susan, Ahri and Jinx. Outside of gaming, I love Taylor Swift, snowboarding, Nerf, as well as going to Ninjutsu and hip hop dancing classes. So that’s a little bit about me :) Feel free to ask me anything!

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