A Typical Match In Lol

Basically i'm just sick and tired of having to be teamed up with unskilled players in rank. I'v been playing for about three years started on NA server, last season i was in silver 3 this season i'm now bronze 3, all because i was teamed up with players that haven't had the right amount of game time in normal matches . How i know this is because every single time i lost i added those players to see how many normal matches they had played and it was always between 100 and 160 normal wins, then i remove them. Before i stated rank i won 860 normal games that's probably hitting 2000 games in total give or take. These days as soon as you hit level 30 or have 100 normal wins under your're belt you can play rank. I don't even know if a player has a full set of rune pages dedicated to each role and lane or champion at 100 normal wins, It honestly sucks and playing League of Legends now is just not fun anymore. The benchmark to enter rank is way to soft or to low. Players need more game time in normal matches and maybe have the normal win limit of 100 wins set to 500 wins before you can even think about playing with the big boys. From here on i'm posing every single game that i lose from an unskilled player in my team. I have lost more games than i have won due to other players in my team that are unskilled. It would be nice to see more stats on other players also before or after the match, how many normal wins each player has played, maybe give players achievements for the amount of normal matches they win. I also think every player should start off in bronze no matter what, and work their way up from there. And you can't drop from a class. If a player is new to rank and was lucky enough to win 6+ wins for his placements and was put in silver and had no idea the skill level involved would only ruin the game for his team, as this constantly happened to me. Every game i'm about to start i'm expecting to lose, it doesn't matter what lane or role i play. I'm not looking for any arguments as such, this is how i'v seen the game through my eyes. Please don't make smart cheap shot replies, this is clearly an issue. Learn how to carry a team is not an answer to what i have written down.
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