So done with league

Ive finally hit plat 5 after playing 5 years of this game. I had to play a total of 550 ranked games, 500 games alone in gold 2~1 mmr to finally get myself out of terrible gold divisions. Finally, i feel like I reached the point where teammates are not too tetrible to play with. I put enormous effort and sweat into these games and I even let myself bled. [I rememeber I get nosebleeding after playing league for all night and it went on for next 1 hour. And I remember every time when I play ranked , i felt no different to those people sitting in fronta of pockey machine because im gambling my time in fronta computer to get myself a couple of good people to win a game. I find myself extremely unhealthy anf sick atm and I will play 3 hours only per day. Anyway gold players you suck and ty for all my suffering. Good riddance noobs.

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