Quick rant about Riot Ward Skin

So a couple years ago me and my mates went to Armageddon in Auckland, there happened to be a League Panel and as far as I'm concerned it was the last time Riot made an appearance at Armageddon, All of us were relatively new and were interested in the event so we checked it out and we were all given 2 cards with codes, one card had Riot Kayle and Arcade MF, the other card was for the Riot Ward Skin. I went home, blah blah, hopped on league, redeemed the skins, blah blah. "The code you are attempting to redeem has expired" .....This, or something along those lines popped up, and told me my Riot Ward Skin code was expired, the other skins were fine and the codes the others had were all A-OK, I was pissed to miss out and didn't know what to do so I just forgot about it, now years later when me and my mates were comparing skins and ward skin collections, they memed me on this, I had originally forgotten about it but now I've decided to share the story just for a good laugh and because it's 4am and I'm salty af. Cheers
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