Second game of b2 promos, only had time for one game today.

{REMOVED] 13 fucking percent winrate, Was silver last season, is currently b4 with only 2 wins out of 16 games What i want to know is, 1 why was she on my team for my b2 promos, i mean according to estimates shes 200 mmr below me so we can guess shes atleast below my mmr in real mmr. And why the fuck am i not allowed to dodge players like her just because im on promos, i mean i wouldve dodged, instantly when i saw her and the 18% ahri, but i didnt, because im in promos, and id rather risk the loss, and try and bang my head against the wall for a win, than lose the game by default and then get the same team next game. I even gave her an ultimatum all game "we both know you arent diamond 2, you have two choices, you can admit that you are just trash and i wont report you since i cant report you for being trash, or you can keep trying to justify being shit by saying this isnt your main, and ill report you for griefing, verbal abuse and intent feeding" (she was 0/4 before she got any kills, and all the kills she got were my assists that game, because i left lane early to go babysit her feeding ass) naturally i reported them, and i expect them to be banned. Because they arent just trolling, they are trolling on fucking christmas.
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