If Riot actually gave a shit.

So i always see the whole thing of "hey saying kys is bad because suicide" But if riot actually cared, they would make kys censored, but hey, let's face it, they don't care, they just want to ban people so they have to pay for stuff again. Let's just keep whiteknighting Riot, because they are totally amazing and totally always listen to their customers and not the big purse string holders. Seriously, look at the changes since 2cent took over, and you'll notice that it's not that riot cares, it's that 2cent want's more money. If they actually gave a shit, we wouldn't have a google approach to everything being as hands off as possible, but they don't. Sure i can turn off censorship for swears, but lets face it, kys should still be censored, and hell, swearing is generally a bannable offense, so may as well leave the censoring on right, because we are pandering to as big a demographic as we can, because Money. But hey, lets white knight them some more hey comments.
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