Can Riot Do A Gay Couple?

So couples aren't a new thing in LoL. Twisted Fate and Evelynn dated and owned a Tango Dance School. Ezreal and Lux are a couple according to in game interactions and old lore. And now the new champions exist. But can Riot do a same sex couple? We all know Graves can't have a cigar because not all regions that LoL is played in allow it, or well allow it to be a Teen Rated game in their region if drugs or alcohol use are present. (BTW Riot Gragas still has a cigarette in one of his splash arts if you want to be consistent) Some of these regions either don't allow or don't publicly accept gay relations. So does this effect League? Riot's official statement is that they want League to be available to as many regions as possible, that they want to game to be as fully accessible as they can make it, which is why they took away Graves' cigar and spawned the shittastic meme. This stand has irked members of the community from time to time, like when Riot standardized Skin Splash Art across all regions, taking away Karthus' skeletal look and a few other minor events. So knowing this, I don't think Riot could ever introduce a same sex relationship. (sorry EzrealXTaric lovers) What do you guys think?
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