Has Riot gone full on theft?

I understand that I have done a bunch of stuff wrong to get PERMA - BANNED, but I at least deserve all my hard earned Riot Points back. I mean, if I spend this much money on a free to play game, taking it all away from me should be classed as theft in the name of the law. I don't care what kind of stuff it says hidden in the EULA, I deserve a refund. I am going to ask support and if they do not help, that proves that Riot are just a bunch of thieves that only care about the money. That's like if I buy a game from game store, and they say I'm Perma-Banned, take the game, and don't refund me. Like seriously, I realize that I've hurt lots of people online, and I sincerely apologize for that, and have begun to reform. But I will not agree that the Perma-Ban was fair. I was banned based of some games that occurred AGES ago, and those were used as evidence of my toxicity, even though I've reformed some since then. Look Riot, I'm posting this to support. I'm not asking for my account back since I have broken the rules, I am just asking for you to be decent people for once in your lives. Give me back my Riot Points and gifts on another account. And if this task is too hard for you, that proves that you don't actually care about your player-base. I'm sure you understand that behind my computer screen, I am a nice person. I do not deserve to be robbed of money, or my friend's money. Like, my friends PAYED for stuff for me to use, because they wanted to see me in that good skin you know, so you are not only committing theft on a toxic player, but you are basically taking my friend's money as well, and they AREN'T toxic. That's right. Not fair. Can't believe I supported this company with my money I earned from work when I could've been saving for a car or something. Obviously I haven't spent my life savings on this game. But I am expecting to get my hard earned skins, champions and runes back.
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