Really Starting to Hate League.

Every few months of playing League I get to the point where I simply cannot stand the game and the OCE community. I always end up having a few months break and return hoping the game is in a better place but I'm constantly let down. In fact, the last few months to a year I can't help to feel the game has slowly but surely declined. The community is just rubbish along with the banning system and essentially makes it infuriating for people actually trying to climb. Stats wise I'd say that in roughly 50% if not more of my games I come across and intent feeder or griefer. The remainder games are either you get stomped or you stomp and never result in an even match. How is that meant to be an enjoyable experience and how am I supposed to take this game seriously? Constantly I feel myself wanting to lash out at people for their idiotic attitudes and outlook on the game. I'll be the first to admit it pisses me off to no end when you get some twat intently feed your lane because they messed up or someone afk's after dying. Does anyone else feel the same way or can sense the slow but surely decline of the game and it's state?
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