The disease, map concept.

Hey, So I've had this idea for a while now. And I propose that we make some drastic changes to the way the league of legends rift looks, or even change the way it's played.... here's what I mean. For the most part the league of legends map is the same all over and the design is truly legendary! But I propose that a disease falls over the map, like something that spreads from the centre of the map and slowly makes it's way to the edges. This could do many things, for one it's visual eye candy if it slowly changes week to week with every patch or so. And it creates a sense of something's coming. It could even change the way the map is played (though I'm not a huge fan of this idea but lets roll with it) wherever the disease travels it could give buffs to some champions in the vicinity, maybe heightened view radius, or slightly higher movement speed whilst in the area, just subtle buffs which will only make a small difference. But for me the biggest thing that I'd like to see come out of this is something like a new boss or a new champion. For example, once the disease has almost consumed the whole map or has consumed the whole map then a boss appears which you have to defeat, (creating maybe a new gamemode for this would probably be the most prefered idea since it would disrupt the least amount of competitive games) and only after you defeat that boss does the map return to it's original state, but no one can be found to defeat the boss so there has to be a new champion to defeat it. And once it's defeated the boss's head might want to take a place on a wall somewhere on the summoners rift map. Feel free to add suggestions and comments on what you thought was good and what you thought NO WAY THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! This is a lot to think about maybe you only want to take parts of this and do something with it but I think it's a heaps cool idea, it's definitely something to think about maybe incorporating into the 10th season to really shake things up. But if you do decide to incorporate something like this I always imagined the disease being a purple colour a bit like ryze's magic in his cinematic. All the best happy discussing!!! (Also PLEASE PLEASE upvote this to we can get some Riot employees seeing this!!!) {{champion:136}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:40}}
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