Elise Power in Games and Rakan

I feel like in this 9.2 patch they nerfed the Morrelo and such. I feel like since Elise is already a really hard and weak champion that nerfing Morrelo made her even weaker because it takes a while for her to reach her spike, even if she gets fed the nerf to Morrelo makes a difference. She has to get up in their face as spider form to deal damage but her attack range is so tiny and she's so squishy she'll die instantly to someone like Sejuani who got ridiculous damage buffs. Also for Rakan, while nerf his damage speed and armor? He's already squishy enough and his R, Q combo was iconic. He can still do it but his character model looks super messed up and sloppy. These two are my mains Thanks Rito {{champion:497}} {{champion:60}}

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