Another post about Draft Picks

Yep. Another one. I'm currently levelling a pre-30 account for Season 9, and I remembered why I cannot stand it. The first 10 levels. Are. Hell. I know many people have given up before getting to level 10, due to one thing. The botting rampancy. When I was levelling this account, about 7/10 games in every blind pick game I play there is usually ALWAYS 1 to 2 bots. This is an extremely unhealthy measure for blind pick, and I wouldn't so have a problem with it if Riot weeded the bots. But I never see the Instant Feedback message show up on my screen. It's maddening. In saying that, Draft Pick has a big part in all this. The fact that Draft is only available somewhat 14-15 hours a day is annoying because almost all, if not all servers have it up 24/7. Why not Oceania? Sure, we have a smaller player base and that's completely understandable, but I feel like having Draft Pick on 24/7 has more incentive for people to continue playing and not give up so soon. Some of us might wake up and have a game before work/school. Why this works out so much is because: a) Blind pick has a higher rate of teammates flaming one another due to not getting the role they want, where they can queue it in draft. b) The bots that are going to remain unbanned (what I could guess is to inflate player count, don't take my word for it) remain in blind pick while all the early morning pre-30's get to go over to draft pick to play in a better game environment. I, along with majority of pre-30's who play early shouldn't have to deal with the bots, or people refusing to jungle, or people instalocking champs and calling a role they don't even know the name of, all because Riot won't give us Draft early morning.
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