[Opinion] i feel the amount of account sharing, duo boosting/boosting has gotten out of hand

I've climbed from b4 this season to s3 100% solo as adc, just demoted to s4. over the past 2 days it has just been so unfun to play. i'm not going to blame 100% of my losses on this issue, but it certainly plays a part. one game has a kayne which all season had a 35% winrate. over the past 20 games, has won 100% of his games.. and still is in neg winrate.. did he or she not try all season and just turned into faker? very unlikely. Alot of my losses as well is my poor play, or a member of my team getting stomped.. which snowballs into other aspects of the match. games just feel very one sided atm. Do i think i'm able to reach gold before season ends? maybe i don't know honestly, i will try but the hill has turned into a mountain. the overall quality of ranked atm feels very low, and skewed.
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