FOR OCE Brand and his update: The AP Riven we all need?

COPY PASTA FROM NA "Please consider. His entire ability kit must change, it must go into the fiery pits of hell for his Manifest Destiny (tm) to be come real. To become AP Riven. P. Must change auto attacks, for why can he throw fire and not burn people? It must be fixed. By making it broken. So people will actually play Brand for once and find out in his current state he is not broken at all; I mean, holy fuck people get out there and play some actual games. What is your mum letting you use her bank account for? Q. His Q must change for the good of Manifest Destiny (tm). Throw fireballs along the ground, can mash to spam or hold to empower individual balls of fire (heh). *BALLS OF FIRE*. There, I said it. Should remain single target poke tool and only source of cc. Now that he can spam it though it is a bit safer and forgiving if you miss one. Just one. But his entire kit must change... W. Fuck it, I lied, it's drum and bass. Keep this. I was considering the "sweet spot" thing that Riot already has going for Pantheon, Xerath, Leona, Ziggs, Soraka, zzzzzz but you see, FIRE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. Unless you are already on fire THEN IT REALLY DISCRIMINATES. It flip you. Flip you for real. Flip you to hell. E. HEY LOOK IT HIS HIS OLD ULTIMATE! Only more like Nami W, Ebb and Flow from hell. Instead of set bounces it continue until all enemy champions are effected with passive that it could reach and instead of being point to point damages anything on it's way to the next target. R. Like Nami R, Tidal Wave from hell. Manifest Destiny (tm) requires BS Ultimate ability that can wipe out entire teams with one button. Make it so. Also, let's steal from Lissandra too, make the ground fire. Seriously though, the amount of noobies that just walk into her death pit like idiots over and over...for realsies." I sure do have a lot of games with Brand...

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