I didnt miss this.

Well im back to the grind again, win every game up to promos, lose promos repeat, ah ive missed this. Third time in promos, last game of the third promos of the day, of the fucking day. 15/14/17 most fed person in the entire game by nearly 2k gold, easily 100-0ing people left right and center, constantly pushing for that one final push. team finally groups up and follows me. teamfight ensues, mid fight notice something and my face sinks. "lux is in melee range..." my predictions come true. lux gets blown up with the rest of us proceeding to die systematically as it is now a 5v4 and the enemy sej has just ulted me into a blitz knockup allowing the 20/11 trist to kill me (i outfed her through farm) kill timers are 50 seconds a piece. Tell lux why she fucked up because i aint winning that one but if i ever get her again i dont want her making the same mistake "lux just for next time if you are able to auto attack them you are too close to the fight" i didnt auto attack "lol wot" "bitch i literally saw your auto attack animation fly across the screen and bonk trist on the face for a whopping shitall damage" "lol nah" realize shes just trying to save face. Immediately pissed off that this bitch lost me the game, was pissed off before but not enough to not try to help her, now im wishing cancer on her. Immediately queue again because fuck not getting out of b5 today. Will do b4 promos for the 2nd time this morning soon, its 2am, something is wrong here.
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