What happened to the Lore?

League of Legends - Ionia vs Noxus Showmatch
Ionia vs Noxus Showmatch Uploaded to YouTube for archive purposes
I've been a fan of league since season two and the reason why I stayed with league is despite being a multiplayer/team oriented game, it had a lore to follow. One champion had connections with another and stories linked with actual battles made by players like the battle for Ionia. The battle for Ionia has even impacted today's games giving birth to {{item:3158}} . It was so indepth with lore that I could not stop reading their articles. During it's early phase League even had a news section for lore. But what happened to that story driven game? Did It become more money fuelled? Did it get more focused on gameplay? It seems like they want to focus on more champions than lore. Riot pops more baby champs out than the rats in my attic. All I ask is a bit of consistency on Lore to satisfy that side of the gaming community. What do you guys think?
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