Should Rito give us an increased chance of getting keys after games and better hextech loot?

Whenever I play a game of normals and ranked, I always want to get key fragments and hextech chests. whenever I get 3 key fragments it feels like an accomplishment, but I always question if it was worth it. Sometimes it takes 3-4 games to get 1 key, and sometimes it even takes 9-10 games. Whenever i get a key and a chest i always go straight to hextech crafting to see what i get. Most of the time i get champion shards that I think wasn't worth the games i played to get it. Whenever i get skin shards you still need essences to actually get the skin. Sometimes those shards that you got after so many games just ends up being rerolled. So should Rito increase the chance of getting key fragments after games and get better hextech loot? Please Vote below.
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