Hi, I'm Oceanic Shoutcaster Max "Atlus" Anderson, ask me anything!

Max Anderson (@RiotAtlus) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Max Anderson (@RiotAtlus). Australian League of Legends Commentator covering the OPL and the LPL. Previously known as SlappyBaggins. Stay around soon, we'll see ya then. Sydney
Hey everyone! **I'm Max, shoutcaster for the Oceanic Pro League and Chinese LPL and I'm going to be hanging around for the next few hours answering anything you'd like from the OPL to bad haircut choices!** I'll throw in some info before we get into it shall I? I've been shoutcasting since 2012. I started just doing little online events, Cybergamer open ladder games and the like, basically getting as much casting in as I possibly could. Since then we've casted the Oceanic Finals at PAX 2014, the North American Promotion Tournament in LA, MSI in Tallahassee and of course the OPL and the LPL from our Sydney studio. I've been playing league since late season 1 (Xin Zhao patch), the casters I look up to most have always been Erik "Doa" Lonnquist and Julian "Pastrytime" Carr, I played competitive Pokemon in my youth and my favourite moment in casting was a community Hexakill match at Armageddon in Auckland where Pastry and I screamed Shockwave in perfect unison as Orianna hit 6 people at once. **That's a brief backstory of my road to the OPL caster desk and some other stuff but if there's anything else you'd like to know chuck me a question!** p.s. I'm also a massive Nintendo fanboy, have a debilitating weakness for StarWars Lego™ and eat far too much Subway =D p.p.s. I also struggle to ever stop talking, or in this case, typing.
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