More Mortal Kombat LoL Skins

So recently Mortal Kombat X came out and damn, the character design I reckon is amazing. Recently I played a game using Acolyte Lee Sin, and with the 'redness' of the Acolyte skin, gave me a thought. What if there was a Lee skin based on Lui Kang (not the story mode zombie one, the multiplayer one)? Lui Kang has an iconic 'ability' to have 'Fire/Flame Fists' which could be Lee's passive, and one of Lui Kang's scissors-split fatality kick (with fire animations on his feet) could be Lee's 'Resonating Strike'... What do you guys say? (Yes yes I know about Shen-corpion and Sub-Shen-ro but c'mon, those are old with no special animations)

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