4v5, telling my team how to play, you wont believe what happens next

20 minutes of them ignoring me, while i run around 1v3ing because im following my own advice and actually fucking farming. eventually it gets through their heads "oh wait this kalista knows more than us lets listen to her" hey presto they go from feeding bronzelords to actually being useful funny that. 10 minutes later when enemy team gets baron since ive been holding them off nexus towers for 20 minutes, what do you know they plow into our base "ok team this is easy, just dont teamfight outside of the towers and wait out the buff" think to myself "ive already proven that my advice is solid they will definitely listen to this one piece of advice that if they dont follow we will isntantly lose" ohwaitthisisbronze.jpg next thing i know enemy team has a fucking triple kill because literally no fucking joke, they all instantly run out from under the tower the second they reach our inhib and get systematically mowed the fuck down because they dont have any fucking protection. iwonderwhywelost.gif Alternate title for this tale, "when bronzies think they have the mental capacity to think for themselves"
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